Industrial Services

Unlike other roofing companies, Manolis Roofing goes above and beyond just providing our services to residential homes. We are also a full service commercial roofing company and have been providing roof repairs, replacements, & installations to proud and satisfied business owners for years! Tackling the roof of a commercial is no small task and that is why you need a team of roofers that you can trust and go to for any questions or concerns you may have on the way. We work directly with you and don’t hide behind any fancy lingo, everything we do will be discussed at whatever length you would like!

Roofing isn’t for anyone so if you would rather us come out and take care of the job with minimal disturbance than look no further. We respect your business and try to remain as quiet and cause as little disturbance as possible while we are working. If you would like to know about everything we are doing and want everything told to you in detail then that is fine too! We love what we do and are more than happy to walk you through the entire process every step of the way if you wish!

Don’t take our word for it if you don’t want to, feel free to ask us any and all of these 15 Tips to ask your roofer before hiring. We have nothing to hide!

Commercial Roof Repair

brnbuildingUnfortunately for you, many technicians or heating and cooling experts may try and fool you into thinking that they know how to work with roofs as well. This simply isn’t the case and there are countless amounts of different methods and techniques that are more effective for different problems you may have with your roof.

Our roofers have been in the business for years and know exactly what to look for and how to properly diagnose any issues you may be having. Don’t forget that we are more than happy to come out and give you a completely FREE evaluation of whatever services you are looking for!

Commercial Roof Replacement/Installation & Supply

Repairing isn’t the only thing our roofing contractors are good at. We have worked with business owners from the very start for years and have been responsible for providing completely new commercial roofs for commercial businesses all over!

We here at Manolis know that this might not be the easiest decision for you to make and we don’t want to pressure you into anything you aren’t confident and comfortable with. Luckily for you, our friends over at GAF have created a little checklist and some advice to help you decide which you can see right here at GAF Pro-TIps. Keep in mind that our roofing supply is always stocked with whatever brand or material you are looking for and even if we don’t have it on hand, it is only a phone call away! For a better idea on some of our inventory, head over to one of our partners over at commercial roofing contractors tulsa ok. If there is anything you see that you like, consider it yours!