Residential Roofing

Have you found yourself wondering whether or not it’s time to call in a professional for your roof? Well there are plenty of resources out there to help you make that decision. If you found yourself in any of these situations from The Post, then look no further.

Manolis Roofing has been providing some of the most reliable and trusted residential roofing services in the whole country. Whether you are looking to patch up an existing leak that just won’t go away or want an entire roof replaced, we are the team you have been searching for! With a new and improved crew of roofers under new management, we promise to exceed any expectations you already have (and should have!) about how a company should treat their guests.

We value your time and greatly appreciate all of the business you have given us over the years so as a way of saying thank you, we are offering you up to 10% off any of our competitors written statement! So you know what that means, we are offering you some of the hardest working roofing contractors at the lowest prices around; GUARANTEED! We know that you have tons of options when it comes to contractors and we want to be upfront with you. We are not yet registered on the Better Business Bureaus, but you can rest assured that we adhere to all of the BBB’s standards.

Here’s a little bit about some of the services we have been providing over the years that have gotten us the reputation we have so deservedly earned!

Roof Repairs

man1Have you found a leak in your house and don’t know exactly where it’s coming from? Did you find a spot on your roof that looks like it might turn into a major problem after a couple of more rain storms?

Well luckily for you our roofers know exactly what to look for and exactly how to make the headache go away before you need an entire new roof! Roofs can be tricky and unfortunately not all leaks are coming from where they look like they should be. We have seen them all and know exactly how to diagnose and treat any damage to a roof, regardless of how big or small.

Roof Installation/Replacement

If you have gotten past the point of repairs and are in need of an entire new roof then you have come to the right place. Our roofing supply carries only the highest quality building materials that money can buy and luckily for you, we are offering them at 10% lower prices than any of our competitors written estimates!

Don’t let these low prices fool you, this is simply a gift to you for all of the great support you have given us over the years. You simply won’t find better roofing materials paired with unbeatable workmanship at a lower price.